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  • Easy, confidential, online application for fast cash loans

  • Less than perfect credit considered. Must be employed.

  • Cash to you within 60 minutes of approval 9:00 - 4:00 weekdays

  • Cost competitive payday loans and fast cash loans for you


A little loan - no suprises!
How much will my loan cost?

Little Cash Loans

$100 to $600

  • Our aim is to provide you with the best value payday loan and to get you the money fast
  • To make it easier, your repayments can be spread over 1 to 6 weeks, depending on your pay frequency.
  • You can see the repayment amounts and how much the loan will cost before you commit to anything. So no need to worry about hidden charges - there are none!

Important borrower information

Please read this before applying for a loan

  • Our interest rate is 1.25% per day which is an Annual Interest Rate of 456% and is fixed for the term of the loan. An establishment fee of $21.50 is applied to each loan. An optional $10 fee for Express Payment may apply.
  • A pay day loan is for a short term only, usually 2-6 weeks or until your next pay. Don't use this type of loan if you need to make repayments over a longer period. Not to be used as an ongoing source of credit.
  • The most we lend is $600, depending on your income and expenses. We want to be sure the payments are affordable for you
  • Late or missed repayments may result in serious credit and money problems for you. If you miss a payment then you may be charged a fee of $10. Interest on the loan will continue to be charged at 1.25% per day. After 60 days of non payment, we may refer your account to a collection agency. This will negatively affect your credit rating and incur extra charges.  Read More

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How it works



You apply in minutes. You need to be working and earning at least $450 per week after tax. No beneficiaries.


We then verify who you are and make sure the loan is right for you


You confirm your approval online (no documents)


You receive money in your Bank account


We direct debit the repayments from your bank account as agreed.


Useful Information

The Little Loan Shop is an established finance company offering Same Day Cash Advances, Quick Cash, Payday Advance Online, Cash Advance NZ, Instant Loans, short term loans for emergency cash shortages and Payday Loans NZ. We lend up to $600 for up to 6 weeks. Our costs are amongst the lowest compared to other payday loan and cash loan providers in the country.

Our application can be done on line from anywhere in New Zealand. Everything can be done online so there is no faxing or scanning or sending documents. We can still process our loans manually in a more traditional manner if required.The benefit of this is cost savings which are passed directly on to you!

We are fully transparent and have no hidden fees or costs, you can view interest rates and costs before application and you will of course be provided with a full breakdown of your loan upon application before entering into a contract.
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We want to be clear about the costs of a loan from The Little Loan Shop.
Each time you take a cash advance of any amount, a $21.50 fee applies. If you want your cash paid into your bank account within 60 minutes a $10 quick service fee also applies. These 2 fees are added to the cash advance amount to make up the initial unpaid balance.

The interest rate is fixed at 456% per year or 1.25% per day. Put another way, the interest cost is $8.77 per week for every $100 borrowed.

The maximum period we allow is 42 days as these are strictly short term solutions.
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