Establish Credit With A Short Term Loan

We understand that sometimes life throws curveballs in a consumer's direction. Therefore, we do not pass judgment on our customers for poor credit scores and past problems. We consider every person that completes an application for our small loans as a good debtor. We will try our best to approve your cash advance. We may start with something small, but if you make timely payments and complete two loans within the required time, then you may be eligible for more money in the future. Once we see that you are a trustworthy person, you will gain a credit rating improvement with us.

You May Be Eligible for Cash in 60 Minutes

You may be eligible for a short term loan from The Little Loan Shop if you earn at least $450 per week on your paycheck. Our loans go against the amount of your paycheck, and we need to ensure that you have enough available income to pay us back over this short time period. Additionally, we will want to see that you have been with your current employer for at least six months. A six-month history with your employer will give us the sense of confidence that we need to process your cash advance.

Fair APR Rates

Our short term loans have transparent rates attached to them. We do not charge hidden fees unlike some of the competitors in our industry. We charge a fee of $21.50 for any new loan that we approve. Every loan has the same fee attached to it, whether it is $100 or $600. Our annual percentage rate is 1.25 percent per day. Paying your loan off as quickly as possible by selecting a shorter will help you to cut some of those costs, so long as you can meet these repayments. Additionally, we charge a $10 fee if you need same day clearance or a default letter. Other than that, we have no surprise or secret fees.

Why You Should Choose The Little Loan Shop

There are many reasons that you should choose our establishment. The most important reason is our high level of customer service. We treat each customer with respect, honesty and appreciation. We take the time to explain all steps of the lending process so that you fully understand what our loans entail. Additionally, we will help you to make it through the loan process so that you can come to us for your future needs. We do not assess and your credit solely on credit history and numbers, we have a personal touch where we look at your financial situation objectively. We lend small amounts over small periods so it is much easier for us to judge your reliability, even with a bad credit history.

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