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Everyone knows payday loans are an expensive way to borrow money. There are cheaper options around but finding them is not always easy. And when you do find a lower cost lender, getting a cheaper loan can be more difficult and time consuming because the lender is not set up for a quick turn around. At The Little Loan Shop, payday loans and quick cash loans are amongst the cheapest in New Zealand when compared to similar lenders. We pride ourselves on the fact that our payday loans cost less. And the turn around time is quick too.

Because the period of time from borrowing to finsihing the repayments is quite short for payday loans, the higher annual interest rate is not so significant. What matters is the total amount to be repaid - this is the thing to look at when comparing lenders. You can quickly see how much a loan is likely to cost by deducting the amount borrowed from the total repayments - this is the cost to you. For example, if you borrow $400 and pay back $525, the cost of the loan to you $125. That is, $525 less $400 equals $125. Since most lenders these days have loan calculators on their website, it's easy to compare the cost from a variety of lenders.

At The Little Loan Shop, borrowers simply submit an application online using the website's application form. Personal details are needed such as name, address, date of birth along with other contact details. As well as these, a proof of identity and recent bank statements are needed. The great thing is all this information including ID and bank statements is all done online thanks to new technology. It's safe and secure too. There's no need to scan documents - even signing a credit contract is all done digitally online.

Once The Little Loan Shop has gathered all the necessary information from you about your income, expenses, proof of ID, bank statements and proof of address, we quickly assess your application. We also look at your credit history and see if you have other loans. Many people apply for bad credit loans and are successfully accepted. Using the online bank verification link gives us a copy of your bank satements. Even if your credit history is not the best you may still be eligible if you have regular income paid into your bank account. This information about you is kept confidental subject to the privacy waiver that must be agreed to before we can process your application. Go ahead and apply now!


Alternatively, you could visit the Acorn Finance website to see how you could get a slightly larger loan. The offer Medium Term Loans up to $1000 and Personal Secured Loans up to $5000. And their rates are very competitive compared to other short term loan lenders.

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Competively priced payday loans nz

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