Fast Payday Loans

When an urgent unexpected expense crops up a fast solution is needed. Because you don't know when an emergency will strike the situation can be very stressful if you're caught between pay days with not enough cash. A fast payday loan can take the stress and worry away and have the problem solved the very same day.

Online application for a fast payday loan is quick and easy even for a first-time borrower. Applicants must be New Zealand citizens over the age of 18 years. Personal details required to support the loan application are a photo ID, proof of address and bank statements. If you're in a real hurry, it's no longer necessary to waste time scanning and uploading the documents to support the application. The information needed can be verified online after the borrower's consent has been given. Payday loans are unsecured, so no collateral is required.

Online applications typically receive a lending decision within minutes, and once approved the cash can be in the borrower's bank account within 60 minutes or less. Loan repayments are direct debited from the same bank account and are scheduled weekly, fortnightly or in a lump sum over 4 to 6 weeks, according to the pay schedule. Interest on the loan is charged daily, so the quicker the loan is paid back, the smaller the total repayment will be.

So when an unexpected financial emergency happens there's no need to worry about being caught short of cash. Applying for a fast payday loan can have money in your bank within minutes.

What is meant by "Fast"?

The answer is, it depends. If your application is straight forward and all the information required, including ID and bank statements is provided, the money can be in your bank account within 60 minutes. Of course, this is during our normal office hours which are Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:30pm. First time borrowers take a bit longer so their applications need to be received by 3:30pm to allow time for processing. Returning clients are much quicker and the money can be there very quickly, often less than 60 minutes.

There are two ways to find our how much a loan from The Little Loan Shop could cost. The easiest is the use the Loan Calculator. Alternatively, visit the Loan Costs page for a break down of costs.


Fast payday loans

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