Are The Little Loan Shop Pay Day Loans Right for You?

Are you a resident of New Zealand who needs cash today? If so, then pay day loans may be just what you need. Pay day loans are special cash advances that we offer to New Zealand citizens. You can obtain up to $600 today just by taking the time to complete an online application. When it comes time to repay the advance, we can direct debit the payments from your bank account. You do not have to worry about having perfect credit because we do offer loans to people with a few problem in their credit history. Our friendly staff understand that we are all human and therefore make mistakes. Not all loans are approved, but we will carefully consider your credit and current financial situation. Simply complete our short application form, and we can start the process of getting you qualified. If you need a loan for more than $600, why not try a medium term loan from Acorn Finance?

You Can Use Pay day Proceeds for Any Reason

We are a lender. Therefore, we are in business to connect you with the money that you need. You have the right to use the loan proceeds in any manner that you see fit. If you are low on cash in between pay days, then you can use your pay day advance for groceries and fuel. You can use the funds for an emergency repair or a small purchase.

Easy Repayment Options

The best thing about our pay day loans is that you will have several options for payback. You can pay your loan in four weekly installments, one monthly installment, or two fortnightly repayments. Our goals is to make the borrowing process as easy as possible for you with repayments that you can afford. Therefore, you can choose the arrangement that best suits your lifestyle.

Almost Everyone Qualifies

Qualifying for one of our loan products is easy. The main qualifications are that you are at least 18 years old, and you live in New Zealand. You must have a stable job and earn approximately $450 per week after your employer takes taxes. Additionally, you need to have a valid bank account, and you should have a job history of six months with your employer. If you meet those requirements, then you have a good chance of qualifying for an advance. Just complete our easy application to begin the process. We can have pay day loans in your bank account as early as today. How to get a loan?


Are payday loans right

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