Credit History - how to dispute your credit report


When was the last time you looked at your full credit report?  You can do this for free from all credit bureaus in New Zealand

A credit report is used for many purposes — not just when applying for a loan or a credit card.  It can also be used when applying for insurance and employment background checks. And often if you are applying to rent a house. Checking your credit report at least once a year is important to make sure it does not contain any errors. Significant errors are present you applications for a loan, insurance, new job or house to rent may be at risk.

Before you can dispute any errors on your credit report, you need to get a copy to look through. Both Veda and Centrix can provide you with a copy. If you find a discrepancy, write a letter detailing the incorrect information. Credit bureaus are obliged to respond. Keep a copy of all your correspondence.

At The Little Loan Shop we take credit scores into account but this is only one consideration. If you credit is bad but your bank statements show regular income and evidence you are managing your finances, you may be eligble for a payday advance. Don't think bad credit will automatically disqualify you from getting a loan -its only one factor when assessing requests for instant cash advances.